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Wuxi FLOWJETECH is an integrated high-tech enterprise that gathered research and development, production, sale and service of high-pressure cleaner, high-pressure roughing machine and high-pressure plunger pump as a whole.
FLOWJETECH is the professional pump manufacturer producing super high pressure cleaner, high pressure cleaner, high pressure roughing machine and high pressure cleaning pump. All products manufactured by the company with a pressure protection system, oil temperature control system, water flow pressure control system, control system.When researching, developing and introducing new technology, the company pays more attention to the detail treatments of the products such as high pressure cleaning devices and so on. Our products strictly accord with JB/T8093-1999 standard and have passed through ISO9001 quality system. We focus on world leading technology, introduce the German KAMAT technology, and constantly improve the quality system of our excellent products such as cleaning equipment and so on. This reduces the production cost and improves the work efficiency for users. According to customer requirements, they can customize products or research and develop production together. In the after-sales service, the FLOWJETECH’s tenet is life-long free maintenance to solve user’s worry.
FLOWJETECH’s idea is devoting the latest technology, first class products and best service to user’s prosperous business.Thanks to all our new and old customers for your support, wish you all become FLOWJETECH’s sincere friends.
Our History
Tradition and Future
Since 1993 we have been making use of water pressure with extremely powerful and reliable high pressure systems.
The development and manufacture of high pressure pump systems for industrial employment are our core competencies: Industrial cleaning, pipe cleaning, water jet cutting, process technology and hydraulic applications, for example in mining, are only a few applications. Furthermore, we develop and produce water jetting tools, ranging from high pressure guns through to remotely controlled cleaning machines.
The company ‘HONGYUAN’ with approximately 200000 euros.
1993 to 1998
At this time, the new owner had already identified the key factors for future market success: Development & Improvement, as well as an international marketing network. This idea was driven forward.
1999 to 2004
Thanks to intensive research & development work, the company was to become one of the market leaders in high pressure technology. This success required the construction of 20k psi high pressure pump.
2004 to 2010
the first high pressure machine with 400kw input power and the HONGYUAN supports more international major projects. And successfully apply to using the 40K psi high pressure machine and developed water jet accessories and nozzles for different applications.
2010 to 2015
Building on success was always a high priority for the management: Future capability arises when one thinks beyond the present day - both in the development and manufacture of products and in the management of the company. The machine can reach 800kw input power and pressure reach the 55K psi.
Our Product
* High pressure pump
* Water blast
* High pressure cleaner
* Water jet
* Hydro jet
* Hydro blast
Product Application
DescriptionApplication ExampleImage
Application: heat exchanger tube cleaning
Max working pressure:1000bar
Max working flow:80Lpm
Diesel engine power: 182Kw
Pump model:WHY30028
Application: condenser cleaning
Max working pressure:1400 bar
Max working flow: 57 Lpm
Diesel engine power: 150Kw
Pump model: WHY13224
Application:paper mill pipe cleaning
Max working pressure: 700br
Max working flow:78Lpm
Diesel engine power: 120kw
Pump model: WHY30028
Application: Steel factory tube cleaningMax working pressure:2800 bar
Max working flow:15Lpm
Electric motor power: 75kw
Pump model: WHY7515
Application: sugar factory pipe/tube cleaning
Max working pressure:1000bar
Max working flow:80Lpm
Electric motor power:160kw
Pump model: WHY30028
Application:road marking line, paint remove
Max working pressure: 1500bar
Max working flow:40Lpm
Diesel engine power: 110kw
Pump model: WHY13220
Application: paint and rust remove
Max working pressure: 2500bar
Max working flow:20Lpm
Electric motor power: 110kw
Pump model: WHY13216
Application: Marine organisms remove
Max working pressure:700bar
Max working flow:26Lpm
Electric motor power: 30kw
Pump model: WHY3718
Application: Ship hull water blasting/paint and rust remove
Max working pressure:2800bar
Max working flow:41Lpm
Diesel engine power:216kw
Pump model: WHY30020
Application: Casting sand remove
Max working pressure: 2800bar
Max working flow:12Lpm
Electric motor power: 55kw
Pump model: WHY13214
WHY29/250Application: Surface preparation
Max working pressure: 2500bar
Max working flow:29Lpm
Diesel engine power: 140kw
Pump model: WHY13217
WHY400/60 Application: Pipe pressure testing
Max working pressure: 600bar
Max working flow:400Lpm
Diesel engine power: 580kw
Pump model: WHY60065
WHY80/30Application: Reactor cleaning
Max working pressure: 300bar
Max working flow:80Lpm
Diesel engine power: 45kw
Pump model: WHY13228
WHY15/150Application: Aluminum formwork cleaning
Max working pressure:1500 bar
Max working flow: 15Lpm
Electric motor power: 45kw
Pump model: WHY3714
WHY30/60Application: Industry machine dust clean
Max working pressure:600 bar
Max working flow:30Lpm
Diesel engine power: 37kw
Pump model: WHY3720
WHY14/28Application: Steel pad cleaning
Max working pressure:2800 bar
Max working flow:14Lpm
Diesel engine power: 75kw
Pump model: WHY7514
WHY200/140Application: Hydrodemolition
Max working pressure: 1400bar
Max working flow:200Lpm
Electric motor power: 600kw
Pump model: WHY60040
WHY25/250Application: Oil transfer pipe coating remove
Max working pressure:2500 bar
Max working flow: 25Lpm
Diesel engine power: 138kw
Pump model: WHY13216
WHY70/70Application: Industry parts cleaning
Max working pressure:700 bar
Max working flow:70Lpm
Diesel engine power: 90kw
Pump model: WHY13226
Application: Fish net cleaning
Max working pressure: 350bar
Max working flow:350Lpm
Diesel engine power: 240kw
Pump model: WHY30058
Application: Underwater blasting
Max working pressure: 300bar
Max working flow:300Lpm
Diesel engine power: 216kw
Pump model: WHY30056
Application: high pressure homogenization pump
Max working pressure: 2800bar
Max working flow:25Lpm
Diesel engine power: 163kw
Pump model: WHY13216
Production Equipment
We have domestic-leading production equipment which ensure the quality of produces.
During the process of raw material incoming the inspectioned production, we stick on the standard of JB/8093-1999 in the inspection of the quality, and our products have passed IOS9001-2008 quality namagement system certification. And through the ER CE certification. The continuous spinning product line and highly innovated reach and development technology can satisfy real needs of different customers.
Production Market
MachineryBuy Self-rotating Tube Cleaning Nozzle
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