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Hakkınızda: Lyouthe Lighting have rich production resources and service experience, strong technical force and development ability. Established in 2007, the company has our own factory, established our own brand, to achieve the integration of production and sales. The main products are new LED lamps, track light, aquarium lamp, UV sterilization lamp wood lamp and classic traditional lamp housing, adhering to the concept of innovation, collision of wonderful sparks.
Through more than 12 years of continuous scientific and technological innovation and brand management, the company has accumulated a unique brand connotation and a solid foundation for development, and take the lead in the industry through quality, environment, safety three-in-one system certification, CE & RoHS certification, ISO9001 certification and 3C certification.
Strong research and development strength and stable development ensure that we market every product has: reliable quality, scientific light distribution, beautiful appearance and long service life. And equipped with the implementation of timely pre-sale, and after-sale service. We are committed to the establishment and maintenance of the brand, give full play to the enterprise's product advantages, service advantages, technical advantages, market advantages, environmental advantages, management advantages and sound publicity advantages, so that products and services are more suitable for market demand, promote development with good reputation and reliable quality.
Through our online B2B platforms(Alibaba) and physical sales channels based in major cities of China, we exports to more than 50 countries, including United States, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Spain, UK, Japan, Iran, Israel, etc. After achieving great success in the field of LED lamps, our company seized the opportunity to develop new product lines and gradually expanded the market of lamps, successively launched customers interested products: wood lights, aquarium lights, sterilization lights and other new products, and won the majority of customers love. Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of all production enables us to guarantee total customer satisfaction. We strive to provide competitive price, superior quality and short production period. OEM & ODM service are available upon request.
Our company takes part in the famous international exhibition every year which has won the favor of numerous guests and absorbed a lot of foreign different aesthetic and innovative technology. Lyouthe Lighting has always placed customer satisfaction as its top priority. As the best partners for our customers, we attentively listen to their needs, mastering market trends and using our strong expertise to fulfill their goals.Waterproof Spotlight Fixture manufacturers
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