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Hakkınızda: Most of the CNC pile cage making machine is mainly divided into automatic welding and manual welding. Automatic welding is more efficient and saves labor. The welding method is carbon dioxide protection welding. Conventional equipment can process steel cages with a cement pile diameter of 600 - 2500. The length can be customized. The equipment can be used with automatic feeding racks, which greatly increases the speed of loading and reduces the labor intensity of workers.
Technical Parameters
鈼?Fast processing speed: Under normal circumstances, there are 5-7 people in the preparation and rolling welding, which can be processed in two shifts. 10 people can process more than 20 cages with 12-meter long products in one day (preparation, seam welding, rib installation) , detection tube installation, guide block installation, etc.), for the 1 meter pile cage in high-speed rail construction, there was a production record of 75 knots and 9 meters of cages (675 meters/ day), and the work efficiency is very high.
鈼?The processing quality is stable and reliable: due to the mechanized operation, the distance between the main ribs and the winding ribs is uniform, the diameter of the steel cage is consistent, and the product quality fully meets the specifications.Cage Making Machine price
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